A Star Is Born: 2 Teens Take The Stage, But When The Girl Starts To Sing, Everyone Is Dumbstruck By Her Voice

Teens SingingTwo members of a choir in Ireland surprised everybody with their talent when they performed a demanding number during a Christmas Concert in December 2018. The video of their rendition was posted online and caused an internet sensation, not just because of their amazing duet, but also because of the male singer’s reaction to his partner’s voice.

The concert was put on by the Mount Sion Choir, from Waterford. One of the songs was “Shallow”, a duet by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from the movie, “A Star Is Born”. This song demands some serious pipes from its singers, to give it the strength it needs.

teens singingTeenagers, Jessica Reinl and Christopher Halligan, stepped up to perform the duet. Chris got the song underway, showcasing an excellent singing voice and some talented vocals.

However, when Jessica entered the song, Chris shook his head in amazement and was seen exchanging meaningful glances with the other choir members during her stunning solo. Her voice is simply magnificent.

Chris’s reaction was unforgettable! He clearly is in awe of her talent. His smile said it all. Even the choir members behind them were blown away.

Jessica didn’t seem phased by anything, she delivered a spine-tingling solo piece with apparently no effort at all, and harmonized beautifully with Chris for the rest of the song.

The video clip of their performance was posted in December 2018, and it soon had over 23 million views on Facebook. In the end, while Jessica’s voice was marvelous, it was Christopher’s awestruck reaction that made the performance more entertaining.

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