Mountain Lion Chained For 20 Years By Circus. His Reaction To Being Freed? PRICELESS.

Ringling Brothers Circus is closing down. They had long been decried for their shoddy treatment of animals. It’s long been a black stain in the annals of animal treatment. The demise of this circus made me think of another one, this one in a country far away from the United States, where rules are a bit laxer. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t people there that are fiercely devoted to making sure animals are treated well. Take a look at this video about one case.

Mufasa is a mountain lion who was used as part of an act in a circus that was actually violating Peruvian law by having him. They were defiant, but Animal Defenders International tracked them down, even needing police in riot gear to make the circus workers stand down. Mufasa, who was chained for 20 years, is numb to the rescue, but perks up when his chains are cut off. The workers transfer him from cage to cage until they can get him to a sanctuary in the Peruvian jungle.

When he’s released in the Peruvian jungle enclosure, at first he seems hesitant, like “I can really move around on my own here? No cages? I have all this space. Then the video ends with Mufasa walking through the brush towards (relative) freedom. It’s a fitting ending, though he can’t really live in a true jungle – those 20 years in the circus have blunted any wild instincts he had a long time ago.

It’s a shame that the circus defied the laws and kept Mufasa chained up. Yes, they have to make a living, but I don’t think that a mountain lion is going to make or break them. It’s good that he no longer walks encumbered by chains and it seems that his spirit is starting to rapidly heal. Before we know it, he’ll be his usual self. That would be the best way for him to live out the rest of his years.

Why are people so ignorant of animals’ feelings? Mufasa didn’t have to endure this for all those years. Have you heard of other stories like this? Tell us in the comments section!

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