This Mountain Lion Spent 20 Yrs In Chains! When You See His Rescue? It Made My Jaw DROP!

Life in captivity can be very cruel for animals. There are many zoos and circuses around the world that sadly aren’t able to provide all the needs that the creatures may have. Such is the case of the mountain lion featured in the video we put below. His name is Mufasa, and he spent TWENTY years locked up and in chains. Luckily for him, that all changed when an organization called Animal Defenders International, or ADI, came in to help him.

This amazing organization has saved many animals from being abused in this kinds of circumstances, and the work they do is truly remarkable. They have also took other actions, such as urging several countries to place an official ban on circuses that use wild animals for their shows, and even though that has helped a lot, many of them still operate illegally, and there, the animals are more vulnerable than ever. Thankfully, they are also working to stop them directly, as you will see in the video below. Animals like Mufasa will be able to go back to their natural habitat and live the life they’ve always needed, thanks to them.

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