Mouse-like Creature Stands On Scale. I Was Amazed To Learn What It Really Was.

There are SO many types of creatures out there and we’ve barely made a dent in cataloguing all of them. Then again, the way things are going, we might not be able to if we don’t get a rein on what’s going on in this world. But we should stop and appreciate every single one that we do see – yes, I guess, even jellyfish can be pretty, just as long as I stay out of the water. Then there’s a really amazing one that we see in this video.

We observe a really odd-looking creature called a pygmy jerboa, which looks like a mouse hybrid of some sort. They are fascinating, since they don’t need water, save for what they get when they eat plants. Their habitats are a desert, so that explains their ability to live without a sustained water source. Talk about evolution at its finest. The one that we see in this video may have lost his mother very early on.

The jerboa looks cute or kind of scary, depending on the angle and how he’s standing. When he stands full upright and waves his arms, the jerboa’s so adorable that I want to reach in and have him hop onto my hand. The scary part is when he hunches forward and his front paw are largely hidden, he looks like someone took a giant mouse head and merged it with these spindly legs. Could you imagine an ambulatory mouse head ?

Either way, I was smitten with this the whole time that I watched the video. When he fell off the scale, I held my breath because he was so tiny. When the jerboa hopped right back up and started walking around, I exhaled. Phew. Don’t do that again, little guy! Apparently, he’s quite young. Older ones are not as bedraggled looking as he does. Hopefully, someone got him to a good home.

I know that these are illegal in the United States. Anyone from another country had one? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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