She Moved Away From Home To Dedicate Her Life To THIS Amazing Job, Her Story Is MOVING!

Sometimes, we come across problems that we as people can solve if we work together. Sure, small issues can always be taken care of by a few people, but other bigger problems seem unsolvable for us. Things like war, world hunger, animal cruelty, homeless, etc. Those kind of problems can only be helped little by little, but they seem too big to be solved completely by us. But thanks to lots of amazing, brave people that give out their lives and their energy and time to try and make a change, as small as it might be.

The video below tells us the story of a woman who decided to dedicate her life to saving stray dogs from life in the streets. Her name is Julie Covert, and she’s got a real heart of gold. After leaving her previous life and city, she moved to the county of Sutton, in New York state, to try and make a change for herself. In the video we can see how she narrates her own story, saying that she left everything behind and moved there for the sole purpose of rescuing pups, and it’s one of the most inspiring and hopeful stories you’ll see in a long time, for sure! I thank heavens every day for kind people such as this woman.

You can watch this touching story in the video right below!

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