Moyo De Baby Elephant Is Absolutely In Love With Her Caretaker! I Can’t Believe How Adorable She Is!

The mental fortitude of animals is something that leaves me speechless. So when I learn about baby animals that are left to their fate and somehow are able to make it all right with the help of humans I definitely feel comforted.

Moyo the baby elephant went through a near fatal experience. After she almost drowned trying to a cross a flooded river with her herd, she realized that she had been abandoned by her herd and left for dead. Frightened, Moyo didn’t know what to do next. To make it even worse a horde of ravenous hyenas saw the innocent Moyo from afar and quickly approached to feast on their prey. Luckily, a group of rangers also saw Moyo and were able to rescue her and take her to the Wild Is Life sanctuary.

Roxy Danckwerts, the owner of the sanctuary was very adamant to become Moyo’s new caretaker. The bond that they created together is truly amazing. The baby elephant is barely 14 months and she follows Roxy around anywhere she goes! Roxy happily admits that Moyo knows my voice, my smell and somehow knows where I am at all times. She never thought that Moyo would get so attached to her!

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