Munching On Some Celery Every Day Will Help Your Body In Many More Ways Than You Might Think

Celery is famous for being low in calories. In fact, the claim is often made that celery is a “negative-calorie” food: you burn more calories digesting it than it contains. That sounds a little too good to be true, and indeed, there’s no scientific evidence to support the claim. But at only 6 calories per stalk, you can get away with eating a lot of celery!

The earliest cultivation of celery was likely in China, where a leafy and pungently flavorful variety has long been used as a flavoring in soups. Celery may have been consumed by the ancient Egyptians and was definitely know to the ancient Greeks. In cooler climates, celery was often grown for wintertime consumption, when the diet was heavy on salted meat and light on vegetables. In North America today, the “Pascal” variety is the most common commercially produced celery, although amateur gardeners grow various other types.

Celery stalks can be eaten raw, added to a salad, or be used as a flavoring for soups, stews, and more. The seeds, which can be ground to make a spice, have traditionally been thought to have medicinal properties.

Something green and leafy like celery is obviously a healthy food, but the list of things it does for you is probably a whole lot longer that you might think. Celery is rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, and antioxidants. It can help lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation. In fact, Celery has even more health benefits and you can learn all about them in the video we’ve posted below.

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