This Music Video Was A Smash Hit 3 Christmases Ago, It’s Just As Fun And Awesome Today!

You’re about to witness the singing feline duo of Shorty and Kodi perform their hit song, I’m Climbing Up The Christmas Tree NEOW. Shorty and Kodi are the stars but this was a collaborative effort, featuring many of their friends and Tricia Cole.

I have not heard of Tricia, but I imagine she had to be somebody famous to make the credit, like featuring Beyoncé or Kanye West or Taylor Swift.

In addition to the catchy tune, I love this music video because of its meaningful story. It features layers of plot within plot. I totally dig the cute sidetrack of cats hiding in Christmas trees, the charm of plugging and mangling cords, the deep understanding between a cat and Santa.

The composer of the music and lyrics, Robert Moore, is somebody to keep an eye on. Throughout the song there are gems like “Santa knows I’m bad or good, but he also knows I’m a cat.”

If you thought that was good, wait till you hear the rhymes. I was particularly impressed by “You really should applaud, I’m an artist not a dog.” Applaud and Dog – that’s genius!

I can’t recommend this music video highly enough. You must experience it yourself. Certain things in life are like that. It’s not too useful to describe a $100 truffle appetizer at a gourmet French restaurant, one has just got to sink the cash and try it. Or like sex ed at school or from a parent, it’s better to take Nike’s advice and just do it.

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