Clever Musicians Perform To iPhone’s ‘Marimba’ Ringtone – And It’s The Happiest Thing!

iPhone Marimba Remix cover by KIZ 0-3 screenshot

Creativity finds many homes and few can be as entertaining as when there is an abundance of it embedded in music. Music is made up of sounds and therefore anything which can make a sound can be used in making it. A talented, perfect touch is however required to make it entertaining and harmonious at the same time.

It always helps to have a familiar sound or rhythm when you intend to climb out of the box, by substituting musical instruments with elements not normally associated with music. The talent is to make it catchy and leave the listener with the urge to listen to it again-and-again or the viewer to be entertained with the clever, noninstrumental, harmonization.

This is exactly what was achieved by France’s KIZ Musique, with their iPhone Marimba Remix. You will immediately hear the familiar iPhone Marimba ring tone, which they use throughout, but the rest is clever musical creativity at its best.

What makes this mix extra special is the fact that well known nonmusical objects, which are often used for this purpose, like a ringing glass edge, is taken one step further than the ordinary. The speed and coordination of the two artists add to the excitement of watching how they make their music, while the end result produced is good enough to be used as audio-only entertainment. Good audio and visual fun shared with all.

Clever Musicians Perform To iPhone\'s \'Marimba’ Ringtone – And It\'s The Happiest Thing!