This Mysterious Cat Shows Up When Someone Is Dying. What He Does Then? Wait Untill You See THIS!

This video below features a mysterious cat named Oscar. He is a hospital cat who is rarely seen around the place. However, whenever someone from the hospital is in the brink of death he quite strangely appears and spends quiet time with the person who is about to pass away. It is a really unbelievable phenomenon and also the reason why Oscar made headlines some time ago.

Dr. David Dosa, the doctor from the hospital where Oscar resides found Oscar’s behavior really bizarre yet beautiful. That is why he started documenting his every action and compiled it in a book called ‘Making Rounds with Oscar’. According to Dr. David, Oscar visited the patients who were about to pass away and stayed by their side until they departed. But other than those times, Oscar was rarely seen in the hospital.

There are still many unexplained phenomena in this world and Oscar is one of them. What do you think about this video? Share your opinions in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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