Mystery woman returns lost boy to family after he gets off at wrong bus stop

Woman returns lost boy to family

When little Colton got off the school bus after his first day of school, he realized too late he was at the wrong stop. Not knowing what to do, he chose a direction and started walking.


A mom named Kim, who lived in the neighborhood, noticed Colton was by himself. So, she stopped her car to ask if he was lost. He confessed that he was.

Thinking quickly, Kim noticed Colton’s address pinned to his shirt. She drove him less than a mile back to his house. They rang the doorbell and waited for his mom to come home.

Woman returns lost boy to family

Colton’s mom had been driving the bus route, trying to find her son. When she saw the alert on her Ring door camera that Colton was back home, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Arlene, Colton’s mother, hugged Kim when she got to the house, thanking her for finding Arlene’s little boy. Arlene was so grateful for Kim’s act of kindness, especially towards a stranger.

Woman returns lost boy to family

The bus company apologized for the incident, and Colton successfully made his way home the next day. Kim and Arlene have become fast friends and enjoy watching their kids grow up together.

Kim’s example of offering help to a child in need and Arlene’s expression of gratitude are wonderful reminders that goodness still thrives in humanity. Let’s continue the good vibes with more acts of kindness!

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