Hero Nanny Saves Boy from Burglar in Home

It’s a family’s worst nightmare to have their home broken into, but it doesn’t bear thinking about if your child is in the home at the same time. You have no idea what might happen, or what course of action the criminal is going to take when you have loved ones in potential danger.

That’s exactly what happened to Jonathan Lye when a burglar entered his home in California. What was especially shocking was that the family nanny returned home with his son right at that moment!

The security cameras that Lye had installed on his property clearly show this individual entering illegally, and then rummaging around for valuables. It would make your stomach turn to see someone you don’t know wandering from room to room in your home looking for things to steal!

The thief is seen emptying out bags on the kitchen counter, clutching at Jonathan’s wife’s purse, before moving casually between each room on the hunt for more plunder. But just when it couldn’t get more shocking, Jonathan’s son with his nanny come through the front door, and she comes face to face with the intruder. It’s a situation that nobody wants to find themselves in!

Like all nanny’s, Jenna Lee was hired and given a significant level of trust when it comes to looking after a family’s children. You want to make sure you’ve given the job to someone capable of keeping your loved ones safe in any situation. Usually, this might simply mean keeping an eye on them while they play, making sure they eat their food and tucking them into bed at night. This time, things were terrifyingly different.

Jenna has been hailed a hero for her quick thinking as she realized there was someone who didn’t belong in the family home, and without hesitating, she’s grabbed Jonathan’s son and fled to the next-door neighbor for help.

At the same time, knowing he’s been disturbed, the intruder makes a break for it, caught on camera with a photo quality image almost as good as a selfie. We think it isn’t long before the police catch up with this fool!

Don’t miss this astonishing real-life footage below. Congratulations to Jenna Lee and her heroics. We can only hope that all nannies think so quickly if ever such a terrifying situation occurs.

Hero Nanny Saves Boy from Burglar in Home