Natalie Cole Passed Away… But Her Two Part Harmony from 24 Yrs Ago Is Moving EVERYONE!

R&B legend Natalie Cole, unfortunately passed away on December 31st 2015, her amazing talent is now  lost to the World. She was Nat King Cole’s little girl, Natalie followed her father’s footsteps and eventually obtained incredible success in the music industry during the 70s. Her voice enchanted millions and everyone felt they were witnessing musical history being made with hit songs like “This Will Be” and “Inseparable”. And they were not disappointed!

The video below will show you just how awe-inducing Natalie Cole’s voice was! On October 7, 2011-Natalie Cole gave an amazing live concert that featured a duet version of the song “Unforgettable”. Originally sung & composed by Natalie’s father, Nat King Cole, the track was re-recorded as a two part harmony for her Eponymous 1991 Album.

Watch the video and enjoy the mesmerizing performance, tell us what you think about her musical prowess! Her soul is now in a better place, but her musical legacy will live on through the ages!

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