Native American brothers perform a satisfying instrumental of ‘The Sound Of Silence’

The Salazar brothers are back at it again, this time with the timeless hit ‘The Sound of Silence’. Once again, their charming instrumentals add a unique twist to the Simon and Garfunkel hit.

If you’ve ever heard Simon and Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound of Silence’, then you know the mood it sets. The song and its lyrics are depressing and has no problem taking the listener on a short ride.

A similar tone was struck when Disturbed did a cover of the song, this time with more of a powerful ending. However, the cover from Wuauquikuna takes it in a completely different direction.

Instead of being a depressing message, the Salazar brothers turned ‘The Sound of Silence’ into a beautiful ballad about self-discovery. The song is different in its direction and rebranded with its somber ending.

All of Wuauquikuna covers follow similar formats by concentrating on soothing instrumentals instead of song stealing solos. This is easy listening at its finest, and possibly the best cover of any Simon and Garfunkel song.

When you’re having a bad day, this version of the ‘Sound of Silence’ can balance everything out. The Salazar brothers continue to tour the world, spreading the music and culture for all to hear. This is one of the tracks that you’ll never get tired of hearing on repeat.