When Nature Calls, This Horse’s Answer Will Crack You Up.

Passing gas is something that we all have to do. I think I read somewhere that the average human passes gas at least once or twice a day. The average cow does it significantly more. Most of us try to be discreet about it. Unless we’re partying in a fraternity house. Then we just let ‘er rip and may even get scored on the rankness of the smell, and the volume as it was expelled from our rear ends.

Archy the horse is in the second mold. When he has to break wind, he just does it. No running off to a corner or anything. But he’s particularly brazen about it. When running around his corral, he’ll suddenly flop down on his back, lay on the dirt with his legs up and wiggle around until that gas is passed. Then he gets up and runs around like nothing happened. It makes it virtually impossible for him to do a “Silent But Deadly” fart. “That was you!” “It was not!” ”You were rolling around on the ground!” “My back itched!”

For some reason, we find these videos funny. By “we” I mean a large portion of men and even some women. I’m sure that if a bunch of these types of videos were beamed across space and wound up being discovered by an alien species that it would go like this: “Hey, Blarg! I just got this transmission that shows a bunch of these pink creatures expelling gas!” “Yes, Snarg! For some reason, I find them truly amusing.” “Yes! Shall we call off the invasion where we intend to destroy their cities and enslave them?” “Absolutely! Let’s change the parameters to a peaceful visit.”

Archy is just being a horse that wants to relieve himself of the gas that’s built up inside him. It’s nature for him. What’s he going to do, neigh to his handler that he’s going to pass gas? No. This is how he does it, and it works best for him… and us for our amusement.

I love this video so much. Then again, I’m a 12-year-old boy stuck in a grown man’s body. Are you the same way? Leave a comment!

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