Naughty Cat Won’t Come Indoors. Owner Asks Dog To Fetch Her. The Dog’s Next Move Is Hilarious!

It often seems like cats and dogs really are natural antagonists. Cats can be intensely territorial, insisting on being the master of their domain; they certainly don’t want some dog in their space. Or maybe it’s just a clash of personalities. Dogs are so sociable that in the wild, they hunt in packs. Cats tend to be loners. Even in situations where feral cats have formed colonies, they all still hunt in a solitary fashion. That make sense when you’re a stalk-and-ambush predator, relying on stealth and ingenuity to sneak up on your next meal. A dog is always looking for guidance from the leader of the pack; for a domestic dog, that’s going to be a human parent. Your cat may love you, but it’s going to do whatever it darn well pleases and needs no help planning its day. However, with the right sort of training and socialization, cats and dogs can indeed live together under one roof.

Once a cat and dog have been persuaded to get along, what sometimes happens is that the cat ends up dominating the poor dog. It can be really funny to see a great big dog terrified of being beaten up by the cat again. But one Russian dog has figured out a clever trick for managing the cat.

When you’ve seen the video we’ve posted below, you’ll understand why this dog has become an internet sensation. The cat is hanging around outside and doesn’t want to come indoors. The stubborn feline simply ignores her human’s entreaties. So now getting the cat indoors is the dog’s job. He runs right up to the gray tabby, gets his head under her belly, and scoops her up, and wears her like a mink stole! The dog isn’t even all that big, yet he manages to tote the cat without much trouble. The cat, meanwhile, seems resigned to being carried back inside. Maybe she’s just incredibly lazy and didn’t want to bother walking.

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