Naughty Monkey Takes This Woman’s Camera And Starts Snapping Selfies! He’s So SMART!

Videos of animals meeting humans for the first time have a special place in our hearts. The following clip is a perfect example of this. Two tourist went through a stunning experience when they were in Bali; they had a very close encounter with a macaque! This couple, Ben Holmes and Lizzy Ware, were in the forest in Bali visiting the local ancient temples, which also happens to be the place where monkeys like to live. When they tried to feed the monkeys some fruit, one of them took their camera and started posing for it!

After taking a few snaps with the couples GoPro, this clever monkey jumped on top of Lizzy, and she was able to recover her camera. After this curious moment, they were fast enough to point the camera back at him and take an amazing picture of him in the most perfect moment. Now that’s what I call Monkey Business!

You have to be careful and responsible when interacting with wild animals. Not only because it’s safe for both you and them, but because it’ll allow you to live and record beautiful moments like the one in this video.

Watch this happy moment right below!

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