Navy vet saves grandma from a brutal assault. Then, Ellen tracks him down and gives him this!

There’s a hero born each day, right? I have been the witness to many ordinary people turn into heroes at a moment’s notice. And they don’t have to wear a cape, either. I’ve seen them young and old. Like the time when one teenager was doing some shopping with his mom at the local department store. His mother had to get some things for the house and he decided to take a look at some clothes for himself.

He was checking out some jackets when he saw a little girl who apparently, was looking for her mom. He decided to keep an eye on her while he continued looking to see what was going on, her mom was probably around there somewhere. He wasn’t taking any chances, either. So, he decided to approach the place where the little girl was. Maybe he could help her find her mother.

Then, he saw a guy approach the girl and try to take her on a shopping cart. He didn’t know if the man was related to the little girl but there was something about that man that made him uneasy. So, he confronted the man and asked him if he knew the little girl. It must have been something about the tone of his voice that made the man nervous and he started stuttering.

The teenager figured by this time that the other man was probably a kidnapper or something worse. This made him not want to leave the scene until he made sure nothing was going to happen to the little girl. He kept insisting to the man until the man decided to flee the scene. While leaving the scene, the man said that he was not going to do anything to the little girl.

The teenager then asked the little girl if she was alright and helped her locate her mother in the shopping center. Then, he told the mother of the girl what had happened, and the mother thanked him for being so brave. When they were interviewed by the local news, the teenager’s mother said that her son had always been like that and that he would stick up for people who could not defend themselves. The kidnapper was tracked down using the video footage and was later arrested

The man in the following video acted just like that. He was on his way to the gym when he saw an elderly woman being attacked. He rushed to help the woman knowing she needed assistance. “What if that had been my grandmother?” he thought. He tackled the suspect and held him down until the police came. Well, this deed would not go unnoticed as it would land him on the Ellen show. And wait until you see the surprises that Ellen had for him!