This Navy Veteran Rescued Grandmother From A Terrible Attack, And Ellen Refuses To Accept That He Can’t Make Ends Meat

Our veterans and men and women in the military are some of our greatest treasures in America. They have sacrificed and given so much for the freedoms that we all enjoy every day. So when they return home, their hopes and dreams are to join in the freedom and enjoy what they’ve worked so hard to protect.

For Kendrick Taylor, his service did not end with his time as a soldier. One day when he was heading to the gym, he got the sense that something was wrong, and he quickly looked around to see an elderly woman being attacked and dragged into a car.

Kendrick quickly ran towards them, freeing the woman and holding the attacker down until police arrived. Just doing what he felt to be his duty, Kendrick went along with his day as planned, going to the gym and continuing his life working hard to make it through college.

When Ellen Degeneres heard about this incredible act, she just had to have him on her show, but she wanted to also do something to truly reward him for his time and his service to his country. What happened next is absolutely unbelievable.

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