She needs to find Her 30 Rescue Dogs A Home, Then A Stranger Makes A Shocking Confession…

It’s a sad fact, but millions of dogs are euthanized at shelters each year because shelters can’t handle the capacity. There are some shelters that will do anything they have to do in order to keep those dogs safe. West Coast Animal Rescue is one of the shelters.

West Coast provides vaccinations, microchips, and even rehabilitation for animals. Founder of the organization, Sherri, acknowledges that keeping the funds coming in is definitely a constant challenge, but she refuses to give up and euthanize these incredible dogs.

In this video Sherri gets a camera crew to help her make fundraising video. Little does Sherri know that this crew is about to prank her. Prank it FWD is here to give this incredible woman the surprise of her life. Be sure to keep a box of tissues close because this scene is so uplifting.

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