Neglected Hungry Dog Was Roaming The Streets. But A Miracle Happens When She Finds THIS Woman!

CANDi Photographer Tracey Buyce saw Luna wandering around the streets in Bonfil, Mexico. She was ignored by her owner and emaciated. And Tracey knew that she needed help, else she wouldn’t survive for long. So she decided to rescue her. The owner handed over Luna to Tracey, and while she is doing much better now, her struggle is not over.

Tracey took for medical treatment and Luna was then examined by a vet. She was diagnosed with starvation and treatable cancer. CANDi volunteer Hector Navaro and his wife fostered Luna, but her care was going to be expensive. This video was created to help raise money for her cancer treatment. Luna has the most beautiful eyes, and these photographs show what a loving and special dog she is.

There is a Part 2 to this video that shows a happy ending for Luna. Luna is now adopted by the wonderful Witte family in New York. Many homeless animals don’t get a chance like her, especially in poor countries where many locals may not have the resources to help the animals.

Luna was fortunate that someone saw her and wanted to make sure she received the love and care that she deserves. With those beautiful eyes, I don’t think anyone could see her and not help, but some people don’t have the necessary resources. Not every dog gets this chance. Please do what you can, whether it is donating money, food, or just your time, to help the animals that need it.

Watch Luna’s story in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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