Neglected poodle is finally rescued but requires hours of grooming

Eldad Hagar, founder of the animal rescue organization Hope For Paws, and his assistant got a whole lot more fur than they bargained for when they answered a call about a neglected poodle. The unfortunate dog’s coat had grown out of control and gotten badly matted. They couldn’t even tell the dog’s gender! According to Eldad, the poodle’s fur was “Close to the craziest I’ve ever seen.” He did his best to comfort the dog with gentle irony: “You’re a mess. You’re a messy mess.”

Poodles are the second most intelligent breed of dog, outclassed only by the intellectually supercharged border collie. You’d never guess it, but poodles were bred as retrievers to help with hunting duck and other game birds. As a result, a poodle has fast reflexes and an excellent spatial memory. For all their braininess, poodles do need help with their fur, which will just grow and grow and grow.

This neglected poodle was frightened of her rescuers at first and definitely didn’t appreciate the animal control loop they had to use. But as she gained a sense that they were there to help, she gradually calmed down, even allowing a pat on the head. By the time Dolly, as she’d been named, was in the car, she was looking a lot happier, if the tail wagging was anything to go by. It took the dog groomer over two hours to deal with her fur (and she isn’t a big poodle, either). Before long, she was looking and feeling a lot better — such is the power of tender loving care! We’re glad to report that Hope For Paws quickly found her the perfect forever home!

Don’t miss the video that’s posted below. You’ll see Dolly’s dramatic rescue and her amazing transformation, physical and psychological.

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