Neglected sheep transforms after 90-pound wool rescue

This story will touch your heart if you like to see good people helping animals in need. A sheep was in a life-threatening condition and needed to be sheared. Alex, the sheep, was brought to an animal sanctuary for help, suffering from severe depression and not eating. His massive fleece was covered in urine, matted with sticks and twigs, and crawling with insects.

It was evident that Alex had not been shorn in several years. Alex was very weak and unable to stand. The rescuers worked quickly and diligently to remove the wool. Alex’s fleece was world record-making. Alex needed to be shorn regularly, and to say he was neglected is an understatement. Once his fleece was shorn, you could see he was very thin and weak.

The rescuers cleaned him, and he looked so clean and fresh looking. He began to make progress each day, and he could have lost his life had the rescuers not stepped up. Before long, Alex grew more robust and determined to win his fight, and he was finally a happy, healthy sheep again. He even made a new friend at the sanctuary named Chloe, and he is living his best life.

It shows that some people are kind, caring, and good. This video will warm your heart and maybe even make you cry. Animals bring so much joy into the world and bring so much delight to everyone who has had the privilege of being touched by one. It is wonderful that he was found in time. Watch this video to see an awe-inspiring rescue.

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Neglected sheep transforms after 90-pound wool rescue