These Nervous Children Learn About “The Birds And The Bees.” How They Reacted? This Is Too Much!

Some talks must be tempered with time, waiting for the next generation to be old enough to grasp the concepts we need them to understand, as well as open up their world to brand new ideas that everyone must learn… With each generation, it seems kids are learning earlier, earlier about the differences between male, and female. That is right, we are talking about s-e-x today and the reactions are too much!

Within the observation are several children. Anijae, Melody, Maddox, Sofia, Nickolas, Bria, Miles, Catherine, & Chase are the kids who learn about “The Talk.” Throughout the video, I felt twinges of nostalgia and embarrassment, followed by a chuckle, and finally a laugh. How these kids react is just priceless. I remember the days of “boys are gross and “girls a gross,” all too well.

The children’s faces colored with confusion, but their minds working quickly to understand what their loving parents have to tell them. Piecing together a puzzle they did not know existed, to make a picture they have never seen before. Each embarrassed child seems to cover their faces or ears, trying to stop the knowledge from processing in their sweet adorable heads.

With a resounding amount of children becoming confused when it comes to where the baby comes out. “The butt,” remark many of the kids, “That’s where the baby comes out of, right?” The parents, smiling wide, shake their heads, “No, can you think where else a baby might come from?” With the answer come, the groans you would expect of young children.

This is an adorable video; I could not stop watching it. So much so, that the individual interviews will be covered in a future article! I have not even scratched the surface when it comes to the hilarity of the individual interviews! My favorite is still Maddox’s interview.

What do you remember about “The Birds and The Bees,” talk? We would love to hear your impressions and thoughts in the comments below.

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