I Was Nervous When This Dog Got Close To The Baby, But Then He Did THIS And Made My Day!

Few things are as cute as a sleeping baby and an affectionate puppy. So when the two are brought together in the same video, the result is priceless.

And when this puppy actually crawls into the baby’s bed, nothing could be cuter.

The video starts showing the baby lying in her bouncy bed. She is waving her arms around and smiling. Probably because she sees something off screen that would make any adult fill with joy.

Before long the cute spotted puppy steps into view and instantly wants to join the baby in bed.

Watch as the puppy lifts up its leg in perhaps the cutest gesture ever seen before jumping up right into the bed to join the newborn baby.

The puppy then steps on and walks over the baby until it gets to an available corner. As soon as it reaches the side of the bed, the puppy plops itself down and cuddles its head comfortably in the snug bed.

But when the camera zooms in, all you will see the baby smiling. Then at the 12-second mark, the puppy lifts up its head and snuggles its adorable snout right against the newborn baby’s cheek. Both the baby and the puppy are in pure bliss.

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