I Was Nervous When A Monkey Got Close To My Puppies, But Then THIS Happened And Made My Day!

Who said that dogs are just mans’ best friend? In this video it seems like these puppies have found a new best friend.

In this viral video, watch as a monkey pets and cares for this newborn litter of puppies. So cute!

The affection that this monkey shows for the group of puppies is so absolutely heart-warming. The monkey has a very caring nature and is shown hugging the puppies with his arms around them.

At the 14-second mark the monkey even gives one of the cute puppies a kiss. I can’t believe how adorable this is. I don’t think I’ve seen anything this cute before.

Watch how the monkey pets the puppies in such a human-like way. At the 25-second mark he uses his fingers to stroke the cute little white puppy just like I could imagine myself doing it.

It’s amazing to see animals of different species being so affectionate. 

This monkey absolutely loves his litter of newborn puppies. Watch it now to see for yourself!

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