Never too early to start: dad has 9 month-old twins dancing to Johnny Cash

This dad understood that it’s never too early to be introduced to the music of country legend Johnny Cash. So when his adorable twin boys Reece and Levi, only 9 months old, were literally hanging out in their brand-new Jolly Jumpers, he decided it was time to cue up a Johnny Cash classic.

And really, what better introduction to Johnny Cash could there be but “Folsom Prison Blues”? The ballad recounts the twists and turns of a rough life, the latest being a long stay as a guest of the California prison system. Cash himself gave a memorable performance of the song on a visit to the real-life Folsom State Prison in 1968! Millions of fans have appreciated Cash’s music, even if relatively few of them have lived the kind of outlaw life described in many of his songs.

As you’ll see in the video posted below, Reece and Levi really loved the tune and had no trouble understanding the rhythm and showing it. The boys keep the train rolling and even throw in some vocals while they bounce their way through Folsom State.

What makes this video so endearing is the way the lyrics are totally at odds with the image presented by Reece and Levi. Even if you have a hyperactive imagination, it’s still hard to picture either of these little guys ending up doing hard time. And going to Reno to shoot a man just so they could watch him die? No way! Little sweethearts like these would never do something like that! These are adorable little twins, not dangerous desperados! All the same, we can appreciate the irony that they are… confined… while giving this unforgettable performance.

What did you think of the way these budding musical talents handled “Folsom Prison Blues”? Future stars, just a phase, or is it too soon to say? Let us know in the comments at Facebook and be sure to like and share!