‘I Never Listen To It’ – Emmylou Harris’ Shocking Opinion On Contemporary Country Music

With a career stretching over forty years in the country music scene, Emmylou Harris is definitely an icon. Countless artists have named this talented musician as a source of inspiration, and an influence on their musical stylings.

One thing that might surprise you, then, is that, for Harris, the feeling is not at all mutual. In a recent interview with Radio.com, the artist revealed that she doesn’t listen to any modern country music, preferring the classic from the beginning of her career or earlier.

“I never listen to it [modern country music],” she says, “I have to be honest. Unless it’s by accident. When I do hear it by accident, it doesn’t relate to me at all, for the most part.”

She also isn’t swayed by modern songwriting, especially the male singers. “They worry about having a hit and [are] lowering the bar lyrically,” she says. “Guys singing about ‘Drive my tractor,’ and they probably can’t even drive a manual transmission car! Which I do, by the way.”

However, she does admit to appreciating a few of the current female country singers, specifically Miranda Lambert, who she calls ‘a little firecracker’.

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