Never Seen Before Deep Sea Ghost Shape-Shifter Gets Horror Movie Reaction From Scientists

Never Seen Before Deep Sea Ghost Like Shape-Shifter – Get Horror Movie Reaction From Scientists

A new wonder world has opened to scientists, by virtue of high pressure withstanding, deep-sea submersibles, equipped with sharp spotlights and live HD video feed. The discovery of new, unknown species has now become nearly a daily thing. The soundtracks picking up the “Oohs and Ahs” of admiring or stunned scientists enhance the significance of new finds.

To get a couple of highly skilled and educated marine biologists and scientists to deviate from the general sounds of wonder and appreciation, to what sounds more like shrieks watching a horror movie, tells you something is quite different about this new discovery. What you witness with them on screen, from a submersible controlled from the exploration vessel Nautilus, is a very large and transparent traditional bedsheet covered looking ghostly figure, which then starts to shape-shift.

og2 Never Seen Before Deep Sea Ghost Shape-Shifter Gets Horror Movie Reaction From Scientists

Its movements slow, gracious and unnatural and even being able to flip itself inside out has the scientists in absolutte awe. Appart from its near-total transparency, it has a head or brain positioned part which seems like a jelly-like, wobbling car engine filter look-alike, segment and riding along in its inside a bright red ball-shaped figure of a piggybacking isopod.

When the skillful shapeshifter flipped itself inside out and changed its body to look like a magic carpet, one of the biologists’ remarks that it seems like the red isopod was stearing, what they concluded was a new species of deep-sea jellyfish. Have a close look at this discovery, as you can be sure some Hollywood producer is going to steel this real live creature’s dynamics in a next sci-fi or horror movie.