They Never Taught The Dog To Do This, But He Did It Anyway. I Was FLOORED!

Couples who are having their first child often think of getting rid of their dog for several reasons. Chief of all is they simply do not like the dog enough and think they wouldn’t have the time for a dog. Others might be afraid of the dog doing harm to the baby, either physically or hygienically. Yet others might feel that their dog would be envious of the baby, and a big bad wolf is what the dog would become if it was envious enough.

Whatever the reason, this video would inspire any expectant couples to give the dog a chance with the baby.

The star of this video, Charlie the beagle, had been taught to play the keyboard, hit the pedestrian traffic light button, and how to rock the baby crib. But how would he take to the new household addition?

Watch this video and see for yourself. The parents made this video as a thank you to Charlie for making the baby smile every day. It is amazing how close Charlie is to the baby girl already, and how much he loves her. Furthermore, Charlie would be instrumental to the baby’s development. Children growing up with a family dog are more likely to learn compassion, responsibility and the relevant social skills at a young age.

The excellent background music is an instrumental variation of “Country Roads”, John Denver’s timeless tribute to West Virginia.