This New Cover And Music Video Of A Classic 80s Song Is Way Better Than The Original! I Kid You Not!

Don’t You Forget About Me is a song by Simple Minds from the 80s. It was made famous by a movie called The Breakfast Club. I’m sure a lot of you youngsters have never heard of the movie, so I’m going to pretend like it’s before my time too.

Who’s Emilio Estevez? He looks like Martin Sheen, doesn’t he? Did he change his name to Martin Sheen so he could get the part in West Wing? I think one has to be white, or black thanks to Barack Obama, to play the President of the United States on screen, right?

Anyway, I’ve established that I didn’t know this song from The Breakfast Club. This music video is a remake of the original featuring a new cover. The new singer is Simple Mind. Simple Mind (singular) is a very talented cat, whereas the original artist Simple Minds (plural) is a band.

Look at what a great singer Simple Mind is in this video. He totally lost himself in the song! I simply love this music video!

Better still, it’s only 30 seconds long. Can you say short and sweet? Simple Mind’s mama was a little bit miscast though – she looks a bit too young to be a mama. Anyway, I was nitpicking.

We should just enjoy this music video as is. It’s like… perfect. It has the ability to make us feel different emotions. What else can you ask for in a music video?

Now, for those of you who’s familiar with the original music video or The Breakfast Club, please let us know how this version stacks up. We’d love to hear what you think about Simple Mind too.

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