New Elvis Presley family footage of the grandkids with Lisa Marie singing ‘I Love You Because’ with her daddy

Nothing is more touching than seeing a father and daughter duet together, and it’s so incredibly rare to watch Elvis sing with Lisa Marie in her moving tribute video released last week.

Reworking Elvis’ original solo efforts into duets have been a huge hit for years. As recently as August 2018 a new album of his gospel tracks was released with other artists mixed into the recordings, and his daughter Lisa Marie sharing the title track with her father.

This offering though is from 6 years earlier, back in 2012, and was made as part of a celebration of the 35th year since Elvis died. “I love you because” was one of the very first songs recorded by Elvis back in 1954 but his producer didn’t think it was the right track to be his first single so instead it was held back for his debut album in 1956.

The video is a beautiful compilation of Presley family footage including the happy parents Elvis and Priscilla, the daughter Lisa Marie, and Elvis’ grandchildren Finley, Harper, Riley Keough, and Benjamin Keough. The footage was taken from several locations including in the Sun Studio and at the family home.

Lisa Marie made it a personal project to honor her father but also as an introduction of his grandchildren as his legacy. Whilst she was only nine years old when Elvis passed away there is clearly still a close father-daughter bond, and in a recent interview, Lisa Marie explained “I do talk to him… I just remember everything. I can sort of pull out of the files whatever memories I have and stuff like that. And occasionally ask for help.”

The respect she has for her father is further emphasized in the video as its more than halfway through before her duet starts. She may not be vocally as powerful as her father but her voice is enough to seal the beauty of the moment.

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It obviously struck a chord with most of the viewers. One commented “This video is a beautiful reminder that Elvis wasn’t just an icon in this world, but that he was someone’s son, father, and he’s a missed grandfather. There’s a lot of love in the Presley family”.

The sentiment is universal with another viewer saying “Just one of the most beautiful songs ever to be released by Elvis and his only daughter whom he loved so very much from the bottom of his Heart”.

Just watch This amazing video below and see if you are also not mesmerized by the serendipity of this beautifully breathtaking piece:

Editor’s Note: If you were taken by the beauty of that video (above) you should also watch, Lisa Marie’s other legendary duet where together they sing “Where No One Stands Alone”.  Warning: It’s tear-jerking to watch. There’s just something about the lyrics and seeing Lisa Marie close to her father that brings tears to your eyes.

Got me singing along too I love this song so much. Hope it dd you, too. Share this rare treat with your friends on Facebook and give it a tweet, too, for The King and his kid. He’d say, “Thank you very much.”

New Elvis Presley family footage of the grandkids with Lisa Marie singing \'I Love You Because\' with her daddy