New Kitten Walks Up To Resting Doberman. I Cracked Up At What Happened Next.

Anytime there’s a new animal brought into a house with existing ones, there’s always a feeling-out period. Oftentimes the newer animal defers to the older ones, since they have been there longer and they don’t want to intrude on their personal space or belongings. That would be the nice thing to do. Then, as you can see in this video, there are those that come into their new home with the grace of a bull in a china shop.

This video is possibly the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. Bishop, this giant Doberman, is lying on the floor patiently while Sophie, a kitten smaller than his HEAD, is trying to be all fierce, waiving her front paws in the air and then occasionally batting him on the head or muzzle. Bishop’s just like, “Whatever.” Sophie’s a lucky kitty in the fact that he doesn’t just sit on her to keep her quiet.

It’s funny watching Sophie be like, “Listen… My paws are registered as deadly weapons! I’m holding back here, but I could seriously mess you up! FEAR ME!” Bishop’s reaction: “Are you finished? I’m tired and your prattling bores me. A gnat could inflict more damage than your paws.” This is like a new roommate coming into an apartment and loudly proclaiming, “EVERYTHING HERE IS MINE.”

I hope the two formed a long-lasting friendship. This was uploaded in 2014, so there’s been plenty of times to iron out any kinks. Perhaps they fall into an uneasy truce, like my two cats have. They can hang out and sleep together, but then there are times when it’s World War Kitty in our place with a lot of hissing and yowling. That tends to be around their mealtime, so it’s pretty easy to predict….

Weren’t these two SO cute together, though? Have you had experiences with an older animal and a new younger one? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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