New Orleans Town Has A New Resident. I Couldn’t Believe What It Was.

I used to work at a place where a peacock would roam the grounds. She was cute, but she could be aggressive sometimes. One time I had to wait 15 minutes before going home because she had parked herself at the front door of my office building. There’s still something cool about walking around outside and seeing a peacock 10 feet away from you. Now if an ostrich had taken a liking to the grounds… I would have gotten a new job.

The people of West Carrolton, Louisiana, have a visitor like this. His name is Mr. P (for peacock, duh). He’s become their town mascot of sorts and lives off of cat food – how’s that for irony – nuts, seeds, and insects. YUMMY. I don’t feel hungry anymore… This fellow is a mystery – all the local zoos have their peacocks accounted for. So where did he come from? When exactly did he get there?

Mr. P may have been brought to this part of New Orleans to help them recover from Hurricane Katrina. Some think that he may have been there before, but no one remembers, and these are a lot of long-time residents of West Carrolton who are searching their memory banks. He’s a local treasure, though and if he decides to get near someone, their day is made! He also does silly things like peck at his reflection in a car. Well, not so silly if he damages the car. “Cause of damage?” “Peacock attack.” “Say What?”

We see a video of his bird-brained behavior in action. It seems that he’s taken a liking to a swan in someone’s yard. A ceramic swan. No matter. He wants this swan for a mate. So he’s decided to put the “moves” on her – spreading his tail feathers to the their fullest extent. No dice. This goes on for a minute. I could see him at a bar later, complaining to his other peacocks. “I did EVERYTHING, man! Nothing!” “You do know she’s not really alive, right?” “Say what?”

Mr. P is awesome, despite his silly behavior of pecking at cars and trying to seduce ceramic birds. What did you think? I love this peacock. Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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