New principal wins over school with amazing step dance at a pep rally

High school students often think of their teachers as decidedly un-cool and boring. It’s only years and years later that the former students realize that either they’re now the ones who are un-cool and boring or maybe they weren’t giving their teachers enough credit back in the day. Students attending a pep rally at Lake Mary High School in Florida recently got an early lesson in how much fun their elders can be.

The school step team took the floor and began their intense, percussive dance routine, wowing the pep rally audience. Partway through the number, something happened that nobody would have expected: the school’s new principal came running out wearing the same outfit as the dancers! 49-year-old Donna “Mickey” Reynolds — herself a graduate of the school and a former captain of the dance team — took her place in the formation and was soon busting out the moves. The principal was a surprise hit. As she told reporters, “I didn’t know how the students would react. My expectation was that they would die laughing, that they would think it was hysterical. But I have never heard such cheering. I was so blown away by how much they were cheering.”

Reynolds, who had recently replaced a popular principal, had a rocky beginning in her new post. At a different pep rally earlier in the year, she even received some booing. Tough crowd, high schoolers! But she was determined to reach out to her students. “Sometimes adults — even the best-intending adults — have a hard time dropping their guard down and letting themselves be vulnerable in front of their kids. You might be surprised at how much you can learn and take away from it by trying.”

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