This New Puppy Bonds With This Deaf Girl In The Most Amazing Way Possible

So much human interaction is based off the ability to speak out loud and listen to one another. For those who are deaf, this makes communicating much more difficult. Animals face similar problems, including with their owners, as they can’t hear commands, phrases, or their owner’s tone of voice. So when Walter the puppy was introduced to a little girl named Julia, it seemed like an absolutely perfect match for one very special reason.

Walter was born deaf, so he didn’t even realize he was missing out on anything. He was just as happy and playful as any other pup. Though he didn’t know what he was lacking, his life seemed to drastically improve when he met his new best friend. When he and Julia met, it was clear to Julia’s mom that the two of them would be great pals, always playing together and showing each other lots of affection. They love to spend time with one another and learn from one another.

Just like Walter, Julia was born deaf. She was always able to communicate quite well, both vocally as well as through sign language, and with plenty of patience from his human family, Walter was actually able to pick up on sign language! With the ability to communicate with one another no problem, Julia and Walter clearly have a relationship just like any other human and dog duo!

It’s obvious that these two were made for one another, and there’s no doubt that they make each other happy and even teach one another a thing or two from time to time! For more of this beautiful story, check out this video of Walter and Julia below. It’s sure to warm your heart! Share this video with your fellow dog lovers and leave your thoughts in the comments!