New Study Reveals The Harsh Reality Of Losing A Pet Which Is Like A Family Member

Losing a pet is hard. I’ve had two dogs die in my life and my wife had to put down one of our cats. Even though we know that these animals have much shorter lifespans than us, it’s still devastating to see them pass away. These animals spend many waking hours sitting with us, resting, playing… it’s no surprise that we get attached. This video talks about a study that verifies this very sentiment.

I’m shocked that this was even a study. Then again, science loves to find definitive answers. So, they did research and 71% of the women surveyed said that losing a pet was as bad as losing a family member. The men were trying to be a bit more stoic – 55% of them admitted the same thing. I want to say to the other 45%: Either you’re just trying to act tough or you’re a budding psychopath. I’m really hoping that it’s the first.

This has to be the biggest “NO… DUH” thing for me EVER. I have friends of mine who post just as many picture of their pets as they do their kids on social media. Sometimes it even seems like the four-legged family members get MORE pictures posted than the two-legged ones. So, it’s no surprise to see the devastated posts when one of their beloved pets passes away. They mean so much to the family and these people express it very clearly.

Does that mean that the people are putting too much emphasis on a pet? Absolutely not. These animals bring so much joy into people’s lives. If you need proof, just look at all the hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, of videos that feature cats, dogs, birds… you name it. Often, these pets bring as many smiles to our faces as they do for those who care for them. So, it is not wrong to grieve them when they leave us.

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