A Newborn Baby And His Best Dog Friend Sleep Together, And It’s The Cutest Thing EVER!

It’s very important for children to understand relationships and emotions since they’re very young, because it helps a lot in their development. This little guy seems to be the luckiest, since he got one of the best friends a person can have as a best friend already, at just 10 weeks of age!

Eisleigh and Clyde, as his loyal pup is called, have only known each other for a few weeks and cannot even speak to each other, but they already understand and care for each other even with those limitations. You know that we love to show you amazing friendships between people and animals, and when you add a baby in the mix, everything becomes even cuter!

Some folks wrongfully think that having dogs and babies in the same place can be dangerous for their children. It’s not hard to see why, given the big size that some dogs can have, but it’s nevertheless wrong! As proven by the following video, dogs are actually very mindful of the baby’s delicate needs, and always give them enough space and softness for them to feel comfortable and at ease. And they look so adorable together, you can’t deny them the opportunity!

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