Newborn baby crying uncontrollably. What her dad did will bring tears to your eyes.

Life has its many twists and turns and we are all amazed by the miracle of birth. However, as magical as it seems to us, the experience must be traumatic to say the least for the little ones who are entering the world. They are leaving behind familiar warmth to enter a world where everything may seem strange.

It is absolutely natural for them to burst into tears which cannot be soothed easily. Unaccustomed to their new environment, they cry in search for relief which helps them deal with the situation physically and emotionally.

This was no exception for Michael Jr. who is a Christian comedian. He was happily filming his newborn daughter’s first actions as she cried nonstop. Her face was turning red and that’s when the new Daddy started talking to his daughter in hopes of calming her down.

The cutest thing happened. In recognition of his voice when in the womb, the baby stops crying when she hears his soothing voice. It’s amazing to see a baby respond to her father and see her being calmed by her father’s voice.

What makes the moment even more special is when she starts bawling when the nurse is putting on her diapers. Michael starts talking again and the baby stops crying for a second time. In fact, when he says the magic words, “I love you”, she opens her eyes and stares right at her father!

This video shows us the miracle of parenthood and the bond between parent and child. What’s not to love about this video? I was so touched by this moment that I shared this video. What did you think of it? We would love to hear from you in our comments section below.