Newborn Fawn Was Abandoned By Mom, But Then This Touching Thing Happened!

This is the journey of a newborn fawn to a much-anticipated reunion with her mother. The irony is she was abandoned in the first place. Watch and enjoy this heartwarming video that’s full of twists and turns like a suspense thriller.

Darius Sasnauskas lives on the edge of Yellowstone National Park. It is deer country and pristine nature all around. Darius is an avid cameraman, and this is one of the saddest scenes he’s ever shot.

A mother deer gave birth to two fawns. One of them had a busted front leg, and tried as she might, she could not keep up with her mother and her twin who, unlike her, was born with all working legs. She fell to the ground and watched them walk away from her without even a single backward glance.

This hard luck fawn was lucky that Darius was there for her. Darius took her back to his house and built a brace for her injured front leg. You don’t want to miss this scene of Darius’s cats and dog reacting to the new presence of a deer around them.

All the animal, domesticated and wild, would get alone within two days. Whatever it was that ailed the fawn’s leg healed so quickly that Darius was able to remove the brace on the fifth day. The lost fawn was able to run for the first time. She was attached to Darius and followed him everywhere.

Darius took her to the woods to look for her mother. After initially striking out, a simple twist of fate reunited the lost fawn to her family just like that. Darius would continue to see this little family of deer nearby his property.

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