These Are Newborn Huskies. What Happens Next Will Make Your Heart Melt!

Watching a newborn always tends to bring a smile to many peoples’ faces. This video shows you a very cute video about the story of some newborn husky dogs. Seriously, this video is cute beyond words!

The video starts off in the very early stages of the pups’ lives; the stage where they probably cannot see or even hear. But as the video develops, so does their progress. In just 4 minutes, with a really patient mother by their side, these huskies sure seem to grow up fast. You get to catch a glimpse of their shaky first steps and their cute little whimpers.

The background music provided is also quite amazing. It is a cover of the Queen’s classic “We Will Rock You” performed by Max Raabe & Das Palast Orchester. This will bring a smile on your face!

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