Newborn Kittens Just Finished Nursing, Just Wait Till You See What The Mother Did, Aww!

If you’ve ever wondered about the life, or the cuteness, of kittens in their first month, wonder no more. This clip is the ultimate chronicle of newborn kittens, with meaningful chunks of footage put together like very rarely seen before.

As you can see from the telltale folds in the ears, these are Scottish Fold kittens and mama cat. The name of the mama cat is Coco and the kittens are matching R’s of Rocky, Rosy, Ruby, Raul and Rio – 5 bundles of cuteness all together. The big older half-sister Toffee also made an appearance.

The kittens spent most of their time sleeping, playing among themselves, interacting with their mother, and of course, suckling their mother’s milk. Pay attention to Coco talking to her babies almost every time they got close to her. What was she telling them?

We can only guess. I bet she’s teaching them manners in between telling them they’d grow up to be beautiful boys and girls. Maybe Coco said she loved the kittens a lot, even though they knew. Toward the end of the first month she switched gear and started to prepare the growing kittens for independent lives, which none of the kittens took seriously at all.

After nursing it was time to clean the kittens, which Coco did a lot with her tongue. One time in this video she had a helper. It was her older kid, a fully grown adult cat of the same breed but different color named Toffee. You’re not going to believe how good and loving a helper Toffee was.

Have you ever seen a mama cat with her newborn kittens in real life? How was it like? Be sure to use the comments section below and share your thoughts.

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