They put a newborn puppy with a bunch of kittens. Mama cat’s reaction? Priceless!

How many times have you heard of the power of a mother’s love? Plenty, right? I remember reading about a case in South America. A woman knocked on someone’s door late at night. She said that she needed to do something and asked the woman who had answered the door to take care of her baby for a few minutes. When the woman who had answered the door told her she was on her way out, the woman left.

The following day, the son of the woman at home was getting ready for work when she heard a baby crying close to their house. The boy went out of the home to see where the baby was at and found him at the end of an alley. When he got closer, he saw something that stunned him. He went to call his mother, so she could see.

What they found at the end of the alley defied all odds. A dog who had recently had puppies had gone to lay down with her puppies next to the baby, so they all could keep her warm throughout the night. The baby was crying because she was obviously hungry. It was the same baby that the woman had asked her to watch the night before.

The boy’s mother bought some baby formula and contacted the police who took charge of the situation. But the most amazing thing that had happened was that the dog had taken care of the baby. Another case that surprised me was when a family was visiting their local zoo. Their children were having a lot of fun running around when the unexpected happened.

One of the children fell into the gorilla’s enclosing. The child lost consciousness and when the silverback gorilla saw him, he went to investigate. By this time, the zoo staff had already been alerted and had gone running to rescue the child. The silverback took the child in his arms and took him to one of the female gorillas that were there.

The female gorilla hugged the child and apparently, was trying to revive him. Fearing there would be a confrontation for the child, the zoo staff used tranquilizer darts on the gorillas there until it was safe for them to go in and rescue the child. Fortunately, the child only had a few scratches and was returned to his parents.

Another wonderful case that I have just witnessed occurred when some rescuers found a newborn puppy. His mother was not located at the time of the rescue, so he was put on baby formula. The puppy was in good health and the staff was expecting a full recovery from the dehydration the puppy was found in. That’s when they decided to do something daring. They had a kitty who had just given birth to a bunch of kittens. They decided to put the puppy in with the kitties. Look at the mommy’s reaction when she sees the newborn puppy!