Newborn Twin Sister Soothes Crying Brother In Precious Video

Brothers and sisters share a bond that only siblings can understand, but when it comes to twins, it’s a whole new world altogether. The bond that twins share is something very special. If you ever needed proof of this bond’s existence, this video is it. This video took YouTube by storm and has racked up millions of views.

YouTube user ‘Twin Mom’ put her babies to sleep in their crib and went about her chores, keeping an eye out on the baby monitor that recorded their every sound. She heard her baby boy crying out and checked the camera in the room, only to see his twin sister comforting him.


As the mom wasn’t around to immediately soothe him, his twin sister took care of the problem. She put her thumb in his mouth to pacify him so that she could continue to sleep uninterrupted. The twin sister was obviously comfortable on her side, about to go into baby la-la land when her brother starts to cry out. All tucked into their crib, his sister just put her thumb into his mouth and voila – her brother stopped crying.

This adorable video gained a lot of popularity on YouTube, and although many viewers said that the sister was being a protective sibling and helping her brother to relax, others say that this was just one big coincidence. Whatever the reason may be, we definitely found this video too sweet to not share with you.

Newborn Twin Sister Soothes Crying Brother In Precious Video