This Newfoundland Puppy Has Someone In His Mouth, And Wait Till You See Who It Is

Newfoundland is one of the most adorable breeds of dog I have ever laid my eyes on, but even as puppies, they are huge and can weigh as much as 70 pounds at only a few months old. They are massive in size, regal to look at, and very gentle in character. They can also be very playful which can be problematic with such a huge puppy, so it’s best to have a lot of space for them to run around, as you will see in this clip. You are going to be in stitches when you see this hilarious video!

In this clip, an adorable Newfoundland puppy is joined by his much smaller friend, who appears to be a boxer puppy and perhaps a new addition to the family. This Newfoundland figures out how easy it is to carry his tiny friend around by his harness and that’s when the large space in the back yard sure comes in handy. They started playing a hilarious game of doggy airplane! I was rolling with laughter when this giant puppy ran outdoors with the other dog in his mouth! The tiny pooch is having as much fun as his bigger counterpart.

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