News Reader Bursts Out Laughing At What He’s About To Say

News anchoring is a serious business that requires the person reading the news to stay as focused and serious as they possibly can. But when an amusing news story comes on screen, it is quite a challenge to keep a straight face, especially if you feel like bursting out laughing because the news is seriously funny.

The newsreader started speaking about a bomb scare, in the bathroom of The Home Depot store, with a straight face. However, as she got to the end of the story, she looks around and sees her co-reader crack up, and she starts to laugh. She says to him, “you asked the producer for me to read that, didn’t you?”

Her co-reader was still having fits of laughter and was desperately trying to control them, but the next story made him crack up again. It was a story about a family, a fifth-generation bonsai breeders, who want to send a message to their stolen 400-year-old Bonsai, saying, “Are you at least getting enough water?” These two stories made it impossible for the unfortunate man to keep a straight face.