Nine year-old girl with a powerful voice delivers R&B magic

Some people are born with incredible talent that enables them to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes that talent needs a lot in the way of education, training, or practice before it can flourish. In other cases, a person’s talent develops on its own and quickly, as if they were born knowing it. There’s a young lady from Norway who’s an astonishingly good singer and she seems to belong in the latter category.

Angelina Jordan was just 18 months old when she became an avid YouTube fan. It’s not every toddler who belts out hits by the legendary Whitney Houston or becomes obsessed with jazz artists like Billie Holiday! Her parents came to realize just how extraordinary Angelina’s singing abilities were and they encouraged her to audition for the 2014 season of the TV show “Norway’s Got Talent.” Just 8 years old, she took the top prize! Since her big win on TV, Angelina has toured the world and made other televised appearances. She’s also become a big star on YouTube, posting her superb covers and attracting millions of viewers. It’s a good bet that her powerful, out-of-this-world voice will make her a true music superstar someday.

To really appreciate Angelina Jordan, you’ve got to hear her performing. The video posted below is from a 2015 televised appearance in Singapore. In it, she delivers a stunning rendition of Dinah Washington’s 1959 classic “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes.” Washington was a jazz vocalist who also made a name for herself after winning a talent contest at a young age. Her talents also extended to blues, rhythm-and-blues, and pop music. It was Washington’s R&B version of “What a Diff’rence a Day Makes” that won her a Grammy Award.

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