Nine-Year-Old Girl Steps On Stage. What She Sings Sends Chills Up My Spine.

Talent shows are littered with children with decent singing voices. They may have learned some more advanced dance moves. Finding someone who has the ability and the poise is very difficult. Risking a lot of money on a young child might be considered a fool’s bet, and setting that cash on fire might be more suitable. Though if there was a youngster that I would stake money on, it would be Angelina Jordan, the girl that we see in this video.

The stage goes dark and she starts singing her version of Dinah Washington’s “What A Difference a Day Makes.” Even though she’s not even 10 years old, she sounds so much older and wiser while she’s on stage. It’s an amazing transformation. No wonder people are eager to see her on a tour. This song surely blew the judges away. The audience started clapping right as the song ended, so there’s no knowing what they said.

Angelina and her parents need to be careful. The road to superstardom has seen many children fall by the wayside. She’s going to have to battle through over the years, against the odds. If that’s what she wants to do, of course. She might grow bored of doing this and decide she wants to be a doctor. The culture of fame might make her think otherwise. But if she does intend to do this, it’s going to be tough.

Just appearing in a few videos won’t be enough for sustained success. Angelina will have to work hard over the years. She has an excellent base to begin with, though, and we should be hearing more from her over the years. Who knows, she might become an international superstar and wind up judging the next Angelina on one of these shows. Wouldn’t that be something?

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