A Nine-Year-Old Pit Bull Is About To Be Euthanized, And When You Learn Why You Will Be Shocked

Most people look for a younger pet when they start thinking about adopting because they want to train them and teach them while they adapt to their new home. Usually puppies and kittens get adopted fairly quickly at shelters, but for older animals, the shelter can mean the end of the line for them.  Many older dogs have a difficult time adapting and surviving life in the shelter. They are often overlooked by potential pet parents because of their age and concerns that they may need costly medical care. If a puppy or a kitten doesn’t get adopted before they become one-year-old, their chances of being adopted diminish greatly.

Fortunately for some of these older pets, Chris and Mariesa Hughes recognize this serious problem and founded the Mr. Mo Project, which is a special shelter for elderly dogs that cares for them and gives them the comfortable home they deserve in their later years and the home they always deserved. They cover the dogs’ medical expenses for the adoptive families, making them more adoptable, and then the families are better able to give them everything else they may need, including lots of love and attention, without feeling the financial strain of paying medical bills.

This couple has a history of rescuing stray dogs. One of their first rescues, Moses, was actually the inspiration for this project that helps older stray dogs get the care they need. It is an entirely non-profit organization that operates solely on the generous donations of kind people who care about our older furry friends.

Watch this touching story of stray dogs in need in the video right below.

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