No Holiday Season Is Complete Without Alan Jackon Singing “I Only Want You for Christmas”

'I Only Want You For Christmas' By Alan JacksonCountry music superstar Alan Jackson’s early song ‘I Only Want You for Christmas’ became such a hit that its still a much-loved staple of the holiday season for countless merrymakers around the world. Whether you’re a country fan or not, no one can deny the richness and good holiday vibes that come with this song.

This track transports one on a honky-tonk journey that warms the heart and raises cheer as we approach this favorite time of the year. Country is generally a genre that motivates one to sing along, and this song is no exception with its catchy lyrics and steady beat.

Reminding couples out there just how much each other’s love means during this blessed time of the year, Alan Jackson created a country song that is contemporary and relatable to this day. ‘I Only Want You for Christmas’ will have you singing and jiving along, as it puts a step in your walk and pep into your day.